18 Jul, 2024

Produce Pick Up – The Inventory

Picked up my Annie’s Produce yesterday! I really just get so excited! Here’s my loot: Inventory: Strawberries Blueberries Kent Mangos Valencia Oranges Asparagus Zucchini Crimini Mushrooms Broccoli Fingerling Potatoes Romaine Lettuce Slicing Tomatoes Yes, that makes the strawberry section of this house over done! I wonder if I can freeze the strawberries? Does anyone know? […]

1 min read

My Halloween Sweets

I was asked to bring something for the annual Halloween festivities at my cousin’s home. A great house filled with over 50 mommies, daddies and munchkins – I knew it had to be something all ages would love! Last year I made Brownie Ghosts which were a huge hit! This year I need to kick […]

2 mins read