Affordable Birthday Cards for Grandma
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Affordable Birthday Cards for Grandma

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Sending and receiving cards via mail is a tradition we need to keep. Affordable birthday cards by Hallmark make this tradition a bit more easy to continue.

I love receiving cards in the mail. Who doesn’t!? I remember receiving my first birthday card from Grandma Murphy when Tom and I were newlyweds. Every year she has sent each of us a birthday card. The cards always arrive on time and she never (except the 1st year after Grandpa Murphy passed away) misses. Grandma Murphy

I’ve learned that ALL 6 children and their spouses, her 19 grandchildren and spouses and 14 great-grandchildren receive a birthday card. That is a total of 55 (if I did my math right) cards to purchase and send each year! Plus I’m certain she sends cards to her brothers, in-laws and more! 

If you’ve been to your local pharmacy lately and seen the prices of cards you know that she is likely to spend  $3-5 per card.  That’s a cost of $165 -275 for the cards – not including the stamps! 

Hallmark Value Card
My youngest picking out her favorite Hallmark Value Card!

Affordable Birthday Cards at Wal-Mart

This week I headed to a local Wal-Mart to check out the Hallmark Value Cards -the affordable birthday cards line. Yes, we all agree that Hallmark is the mother of all cards – from quality, graphics and messaging a Hallmark Card is something we can all count on. The Hallmark Value Cards at Wal-Mart have much of what the traditional cards have. The selection wasn’t as great and they weren’t decorated with glitter or had music. What they did have was a great message and perfect graphic. Best of all they had a fantastic price!Hallmark Value Cards

The Hallmark Value Cards sell for $0.47 – $0.97 each. That would make Grandma Murphy’s annual birthday card purchase $25.85 – $53.55 – a WHOPPING minimum $140 savings!  That’s TREMENDOUS!

How Grandma Does It

A number of years ago I asked Grandma Murphy how she does it. She shared her method!

She keeps a calendar with all the birthdays. At the tail end of a month she purchases the cards she’ll need for the following month, and signs and seals them. On the upper right corner (where the stamp would go) she writes the date that the card needs to be mailed.Hallmark Value Cards

As that date approaches she places the stamp and sends it on its way.

What Grandma may not know is that all 55 recipients smile – ear to ear – when their Grandma Murphy birthday card arrives. Grandma provided me with a family birthday calendar so that I can one day continue on the tradition. With the new Hallmark Value Cards at Wal-Mart it’s now a bit more affordable! I want to do it!

Hallmark Value Cards


Earning Rewards for Buying Cards

Hallmark has a rewards program that is simple to join and easy to earn perks! Head to the Hallmark Rewards site and join.  You’ll learn how easy it is to report & earn points for Hallmark cards you have purchased at Wal-Mart – including the affordable birthday cards!! I need to check that Grandma has joined!

Also, be sure to check out to see great content from other bloggers and their experiences with these affordable Hallmark cards! Join in the #ValueCards conversation on Twitter.

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  1. That is so awesome that you’re trying to continue with the tradition that your grandmother started. We love Hallmark cards at Walmart also and definitely need to head over to stock up soon! #client

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