We will Run Wild at Zoo Miami!

On Saturday, February 9, we will get up as early as we do for school, put on our sneakers, grab a water bottle and head to Zoo Miami! For the first time ever, we will, together as a family, complete a 5K! The RunWild 5K at Zoo Miami will take us through the beautiful zoo, its animals, new playground and more! The youngest will be strapped in her stroller and the rest will be on foot. I expect to walk most of it since my knees are no longer meant for running. I’m thinking that Tom and Isabella will run, at least part of it!


This 5K has been organized to support the Chapman Partnership. This organization’s mission is to empower the homeless. How awesome is that!? Not only do they find a way to provide 800 warm beds for homeless men, women and children in Miami-Dade County, they feverishly work to empower these individuals to become self-sufficient. I am proud to support such a phenomenal organization through our participation in the 5K.

Look forward to updates, tweets and photos on race day!

Have you ever participated in a race with the family?



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