Mobile Love, Just for Tom & I

 Open up my text messages and I have a few dozen text conversations going on. One of those is with Tom, my husband. It can get lost in the shuffle. It’s not a big deal, but I do like to pull up his XOXO text or the one where he told me was so proud of me, on days when I need a little more perk. We send each others pics too. When he was in Phoenix for work last month, he sent me a picture of his smiling face and I sent him a cute photo of his three girls. It instantly warmed our hearts – even being over 2000 miles apart. I love that technology gives us instant communication not matter where we are. We rely on it so much. Do you?

Twyxt is making our mobile love more private and memorable. This free app, available now on the iTunes App Store at couples to message one another through an interface just for them – no more I Love You! texts getting lost in the shuffle of playdate schedules, soccer practice updates and directions to next week’s birthday party. With Twyxt, we can have our own “channel” to text, share pictures and even share lists and add things to our “couples calendar.”  It gives couples their own space, together. A bit romantic, don’t you agree?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, download Twyxt on each iPhone and get ready to kindle your romance – even while communicating through your phone.

Read more about Twyxt here:

Download Twyxt free here:

This post was done through my partnership with Global Influence. All experiences, opinions and texts are my own! 


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