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Springtime Fashion Trends for the Kids

The Garden Party is ready to start here! The thought of spring is refreshing!  The birds return from their time down south, the crocuses peep up in the garden and there is an overall happy feeling. We also need to be ready for the springtime fashion trends for kids!

Shopping for Fashion

In the fall, I talked about how we need to shop smart with Back to School on the horizon – opting for layers that can help keep the little students warm.  Now, florals, pastels, nautical print and gingham are the styles we associate with this approaching time of year.  We pack away the warm sweaters and pull out the spaghetti strapped sundresses and white sandals for our little girls.  Our boys are thrilled to toss the jackets in the corner and wear a pair of comfy cargo shorts and graphic t-shirt without the need of a warmer layer.

Shopping for Separates

Picking up some separates to add to the wardrobe is needed each spring with our ever growing kids.  Leggings, cotton shorts, and denim skirts are great to have on hand this coming season.  Look for tops that are light and comfortable enough to handle a light sweater for the still cooler mornings and evenings. Sticking with items that are both trendy and comfy is essential!

The boys can dress is lighter layers quite easily. A plaid buttoned shirt on top or under a graphic t-shirt is always in style.  Paired with comfy flip-flops and khaki shorts, your son is ready for a party or an afternoon tossing the football in the backyard.

Easter & Passover Attire

We can’t forget the spring holidays of Passover and Easter, giving moms the permission to get pretty dresses for their girls and ties for their little guys.  Look for dresses that are comfortable – stay away from too much lace or other adornments that can easily pester the kids. Flips flops that are formal enough for church, yet perfect for playing out back are great. Boys won’t stay so prim and proper for long so think of that when purchasing their Sunday outfit – keep the 3 piece suit for when he’s older.

Don’t forget the power of accessories for the girls.  A headband with a pretty floral print can be a great addition to a springtime ensemble.  Barrettes, scrunchies and hair ties help keep the little girls in style and put together.

Recently I visited The Children’s Place at Miami International Mall for a Media event.  After a quick tour of the latest fashion trends at the store, I grabbed hold of a large blue shopping bag and gathered tons of fantastic pieces for my 2 girls, including 6 headbands for my 5 year old!  The styles were great, the prices just as good.  SALE signs were on display all over and a great coupon offering me an additional 20% was taken out of my wallet when I rang up at the cashier.

Consider The Children’s Place (@TheChildrensPlc) as you hit the stores to add new springtime pieces to the wardrobe of your little ones.  Their #GardenParty collection is a great addition to any child’s closet.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook too, as you will be impressed with the promotional offerings that pop up on their fan page!

Disclosure: A Children’s Place gift card was provided at the event.  No expectation was given to post about the event or store. All opinions are my own. 

3 thoughts on “Springtime Fashion Trends for the Kids

  1. loved their spring-time “garden party” gear! they had such cute dresses!! i’m dying to go back to pick up some more basic separates for my daughter.

  2. I love spending the time making the kids look great. I think its because I can get stuff for them that I like at a fraction of the cost it would be for me to get the same thing so I can really spoil them!

  3. My kids can’t wait to shop for their spring attire. Though I give them the power to choose the items they like I guide them in choosing not only on looks but on other factors. I guess that makes a good lesson in decision making.

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