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Smart Home: Adjusting to being a mom of 2 – a sports bra and steak at once!

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This Smart Mama household is now plus one more!  We’re now officially Smarty Pants Mama & Dada plus 2!  Last week we welcomed the latest addition to our family, Baby Cecilia!

Cabin fever set in right away, as I found myself going from a few days in the hospital for the birth to the next days cooped up indoors keeping the baby in a clean environment.  My husband took over most of the shopping as I wrote out list after list of things he needed to get each time he went out.  I was so jealous.  I wanted to go up and down the aisles myself!  Thankfully Nana & Lolo came to my rescue by babysitting on Saturday for just the amount of time we needed to escape.  We had very limited time – an hour max my mom requested so we knew we had to shop smart.  The obvious choice was Target!  Thinking back, that was the most excited I had ever been to go to Target!

Our cart filled up in no time, as we came across a bunch of baby items that we suddenly felt the urgency to get, plus all those other things that we felt compelled to buy even though there wasn’t that much of a need!  Then, one of the main reasons I love my Target, we headed to the grocery area.  There’s nothing like being able to get a new sports bra and a piece of steak all in one store!  Going up and down the aisles checking out the deals we filled up on cereal, juice, sauce and more!  The meat section offered some great deals on pork and london broil.  I picked one of each and we headed to the check out.

Yes, we spent more than we had anticipated, but that really wasn’t Target’s fault, it was more of my delirium that wanted to get it all!

Target, although it may not have every item that I can find at Publix, really has moms in mind with its store inventory.  Our limited time, with or without children in tow, necessitates getting the best bang for our buck.  A store like Target lets you do just that!  We didn’t need to go to 2 different stores, deal with 2 different parking lots, cashiers or unruly customers.

Yesterday, with Tom back at work, was my 1st real day of being a stay at home mom of 2.  I needed to pick up the house, take care of the baby and entertain the preschooler, and of course make dinner!  Gone were my days of somewhat elaborate dinner planning – certainly not for long, but at least these next few weeks (actually months I’m sure!)  Thankfully I came across a fantastic EASY recipe for the London Broil that we had purchased at Target.   I am so excited to share this EASY, YUMMY recipe that allowed me to not lose my mind battling an exhausted pre-schooler and a hungry newborn at dinner time!  Stop by tomorrow to get the recipe that I promise you and the family will LOVE!


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