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Smart Homa: Cozi, Your Family Organizer!

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I recently read a great article about Cozi.com, an online calendar and more.  I had never heard of it.  Have you?

Cozi’s co-founder and CEO Robbie Cape, described in a guest post on TechSavvyMama.com, how his product was essential for dads wanting to stay in the loop and organized with family affairs.  I knew I needed to try it out, not just for Smarty Pants Dada‘s sake, but for me too as I was about to embark on my 1st summer as a mother of 2, managing the crazy summertime schedule of camps, doctors appointments, vacations and more!

The Basics

“Cozi is an online calendar designed for busy parents,” according to it’s site. Are you busy?  LOL!  I know the answer to that!  I quickly learned that it isn’t just a calendar! A shopping list, essentially your grocery list, a journal and a to-do list are all included in this FREE online and smart phone app.  The online to mobile syncing is effortless so you always have the latest and greatest family information with you!  What you get wrapped up in a nice package is your very own family organizer that does lots, except go to the store for you, and fold clothes for that matter ;-)!

The Calendar

In the last few weeks I’ve added Isa’s dentist appoint, dance camp and playdates.  Baby Cecilia’s schedule is a bit different, including an infant massage class and her 2 month check up.  With Cozi, I can enter the event, select the time and the family members it pertains to.  Additionally, I can opt to have a notification pinged (via email) to the applicable person.  While this won’t really work with my kids (too young) it’s a fantastic reminder to myself and my husband.  Common online calendar features, such as one-time appointments, routine (every Monday) or all-day (Tom’s birthday) can easily be done on Cozi.

To Do

What’s your to-do list like?  Anything that needs some reminding that it needs to be done?  Again, I think I may know the answer to that!  The Cozi To-Do list is a customizable list where you can select the applicable family member assigned to that task. There is also a shared list for tasks for the entire family.  Lists can also be created for events, such as an upcoming trip or back to school purchases.  I really appreciated the list of tips Cozi provided to help in creating, priortizing and maintining the lists.  It’s was a great feature I hadn’t seen in other online family organizers.  One of my favrite features, that works with not only the To Do List, but other Cozi components as well, is the ability to email or text the list (calendar, shopping list…) to a family member or anyone for that matter. Maybe you need to forward the anniversary party to-do list to your sister, emailing her what you’ve done on Cozi takes seconds!


That grocery list you left on the kitchen counter is a thing of the past with Cozi.  You can easily create and maintain your grocery list on your phone and computer so you’re never without it!  The Grocery List has a word bank that helps you write up your list by displaying possible grocery items as you type – great feature! Again, the texting/email feature works great when you want to share the shopping with someone else!  Maybe I’ll send it to Smarty Pants Dada to pick up a few things after work!


It’s just that, a journal – a place to write down simple notes on what’s happening.  You might want to journal your ideas for dinner next week or put down that hyterical gaffe your husband had at a dinner party.  Whatever it might be, there is no need for a paper and pencil.  Your mobile Cozi will store all those moments for you!


Cozi, without a doubt, is like your own personal assistant.  It’s a product for Smart Mamas and Smart Dadas.  It’s ease of navigation, multiple features and manners of customizing making it a great fit for my family.  Visit Cozi.com and see how it can work for you! I hope you give it a try. Let me know what you think and how it works for you!

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this review.  All opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Smart Homa: Cozi, Your Family Organizer!

    1. I am loving it! I love the interface and all its capabilities! Thanks for the original posting on it!

  1. Thanks for this awesome Smarty Pants Mama shout-out! I’m so glad you found Cozi and that it’s working for your family.

    (I remember being totally exhausted when my kids were 2 months old, so I hope you get to squeeze in a nap or two between infant massage, dance class and everything else us busy moms have to do! )

    Feel free to give me a shout if you ever have any questions about Cozi.

    1. So happy you enjoyed the post. I really was, and continue to be, impressed with what Cozi has to offer moms and families.

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