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Kids In The Kitchen!

Do you do it? Do you let your kids in the kitchen? I do and I love it. I love to cook. You probably knew that already. I’m a recipe kind of girl. You?

The Kitchen is a Classroom

Cooking is not only fun and tasty but very educational. There are so many great little lessons that a mom can throw in while she’s making a batch of chocolate chip cookies with the kids on a rainy day. Think math. Measuring the flour. Counting the eggs. Setting the temperature. As you make the cookies with the kids, the conversation can lead to great little lessons.

Cuban Tostones Get Educational

 Recently we invited my mom into the kitchen to teach us how to correctly make Cuban tostones. We have a cookbook with the recipe, but we knew that she would have great advice based on years of experience making them that wouldn’t be found in a book. She did. My daughter learned a lot of her Cuban heritage with this basic recipe with her Nana.

My experience with tostones, Nana and my daughter can be found is the recently published eBook by Chef Boyardee. This book was put together by 40 mom bloggers who have certainly been there, done that in the kitchen with their kids. I invite you to read my story, and those of my colleagues. I hope it inspires you to pull out the apron for not just you, but for the kids as well!

Watch Online Cook-Along

Many of you were able to catch my appearance on the The Motherhood Chef Boyardee Cook-Along! Thank you! For those of you who want to see this episode on the Cook-Along series…


The post was created as part of a partnership with The Motherhood and Chef Boyardee. My experience and opinion is 100% my own!



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