3 Great Recipes Using Jarred Herdez Salsa

With a jar of Herdez salsa and pretty much any protein, a mom can have delicious dinner ready. I find salsa to be a great ingredient in cooking. There are many recipes that use salsa. I have some favorites. Do you?

1. Santa Fe Pot Roast – This recipe comes right from the kitchen of Herdez Salsa. It’s a slow cooker meal that might be the easiest thing you ever make.

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2. Beef Cadillo Stew – I get hungry when reading this recipe. Great spices, salsa and a good cut of beef and I’m ready for dinner. A stew is a great meal for the cooler months.
3. Fish Tacos – I love fish tacos! I love shrimp tacos. I love tacos. I make my own seasoning and then sprinkle it on top of the protein as it cooks. Whatever your protein may be, sprinkle some cheese, a dollop of sour cream and a bit of salsa on top of the protein and a great dish is set.

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Do you have some salsa included recipes? Please share!

I am thankful to provide this post as part of a non-compensated partnership with Hormel. All opinions and taste buds are my own!



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