Creative Ways to Use Tape with Kids
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Creative Ways to Use Tape with Kids

FTC DisclosureEnter your local Office Depot store and you’re bound to find a tremendous display of the 3M Expressions Tape. I entered our local store recently with my girls and they were instantly drawn to this display. The colors and patterns were so captivating. They wanted every roll. There are so many ways to use tape with kids so I just had to say yes!  PS – There’s a coupon link at the bottom of this post!!!

3M Expressions


We had a few projects in mind so we selected about 2 dozen rolls, to add to the many rolls I already had at home. Our first “project” would be that afternoon as we quickly got ready for a birthday party. 

Gift Wrapping with Tape

I wrapped the gift in brown paper which my daughter didn’t like AT ALL explaining that is was “boring!”. I suggested we take out some of the tape and dress up the packaging. 

Washi Gifts

We used the Washi Poppy Tape for this gift. 

Playroom Color Creator

Our next project involved the playroom and the decorative 3M Duct Tape! We have a big L-shaped built-in for the toys and such. It’s very plain but functional. To add color to the piece we placed the Pastel Polka Dots Duct Tape vertically on each drawer and cabinet door. It came out exactly the way we wanted. NOTE: Be sure to wipe the area you’ll be taping with rubbing alcohol before you tape. This will clean off any dust or residue that could prevent the tape from properly adhering. 

3M PlayroomPicture Frame Creator

We have LOADS of beautiful canvas creations! My daughter was in an art camp this summer and has been to many art birthday parties. The canvases are beautiful but I haven’t been certain of where and how to hang them. Look at the creative framing she came up with. We’re going to use 3M Command Strips to adhere them within the rectangles she creates with the 3M Expressions Masking Tape

3M Frame


Play Date Craft!

While at Office Depot we also picked up a dozen plain yellow folders and mini-notebooks. With a play date of 8 girls coming up we came up with an idea of using the tapes to decorate items for back to school. 

Each friend had a blast decorating their items with the different 3M tapes we had. They loved all the patterns and got very creative in how the designed and decorated. 

3M Folder


3M Coupon

Ok, I know you’re eager to get to use tape with kids or do a craft with the 3M Expression tape!!! 3M has provided a coupon for readers!  There are 2 ways to access the savings:

If you would like to print out the 3M Tape coupon to bring to Office Depot.

If you would like to purchase the 3M Tape online and use the online Office Depot coupon.

Disclosure: I received 3M Expressions Tape to help facilitate this review and was compensated by Office Depot for my time. For more information, about Scotch Expressions Tape at Office Depot, visit them at:

40 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Use Tape with Kids

  1. i love washi tape and use it a lot with my scrapbook… These are awesome ideas! I will definitely use them, thanks for sharing!

  2. My daughter absolutely loves creating craft projects from tape! I hadn’t thought of doing furniture though. That turned out really cute.

  3. Ok…my kids are OBSESSED with tape however they are NOT constructive with it, so these are GREAT ideas!!! Thanks!

  4. I have been looking all over the place for this tape! I checked the big stores and totally forgot about the office stores. I will definitely be heading to Office Depot this weekend. You have some great ideas, I can’t wait to try the tape!

  5. I love washi tape; it’s so fun to use and decorate with! Loving the gift wrap; that really dressed up the package so well! And that frame is such an awesome idea! I could do that down our hallway with some of the boys’ art work. Very cool idea!

  6. Tape has become very popular lately with my daughter. she wants to make all sorts of crafts with Tape. I can’t believe how many different colors there are now.

  7. This creative way of using tape for kids is very nice. I will also like to use this in my niece room and make her room as beautiful as you are teaching on your blog

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