Color Wonder, I bow to you.
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Color Wonder, I bow to you.

Oh, why do I love Color Wonder???  Let’s just say that the dining room table and chair
Thank you to Color Wonder!

would look much different than they did tonight when I found Isabella “making a picture” when I was cooking.  I thought she was coloring and when she suddenly mentions that the “painting” was looking great!  Surprise, surprise, I FREAKED knowing she was sitting in the dining room, quickly envisioning the colors of the rainbow decorating my table, chairs and floor.  Before the true freak out I made a HUGE sigh when I realized she was painting with Crayola Color Wonder!!!

If you don’t have Color Wonder in your home with children, stop reading this and go out and buy it! It will save your sanity, I swear, when the painters are making their masterpieces. Color Wonder is a “magical”  clear paint that does not make any marks on anything but the special Color Wonder paper. 


This is not a paid advertisement, just an Smart Mama honest opinion.

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