Bonefish Grill’s #TripleBangDare: Secret Handshake Might Win Us Shrimp
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Bonefish Grill’s #TripleBangDare: Secret Handshake Might Win Us Shrimp

Triple Bang Dare

It’s Football Sunday so we’ve got a Triple Bang Dare to take on today! Throughout football season Bonefish Grill is challenging us with the #TripleBangDare. Complete the dare and you’re entered to win a month’s worth of their delicious Bang Bang Shrimp! That’s bang-a-licious, as my 7 year old would say!

Today’s (Sunday, Oct 13) dare from Bonefish Grill is a secret handshake! Coordinating the family handshake took time and we laughed a lot. When Daddy and Isabella were ready to make their handshake debut I took out our camera (iPad) and had loads of family fun filming the handshake. We had all sorts of versions until we could decide on the best (and silliest) handshake! Check it out:

Our secret handshake for the #TripleBangDare with @bonefishgrill! #ad by @smartypantsmama

Entering #TripleBangDare

Each Sunday Bonefish Grill announces the weekly dare. Earlier this football season, fans were dared to post a picture/video of a fish’s first kiss! You can just imagine the fun that was had puckering up! Last week’s #TripleBangDare invited participants to share their best selfie with Bang Bang Shrimp! Yes, lost of drooling faces posed alongside the shrimp! The next challenges have not yet been announced…they’re a secret!

Bonefish Grill Dare


To submit your entry, visit each Sunday to see the details of the challenge. When ready, share/upload your photo or video onto Twitter and/or Instagram with the #TripleBangdDare hashtag! Families need to submit their entries by 11:50 PM the following Saturday. Ten winners will be selected for each challenge!

 Search #TripleBangDare across social media channels to see former and current entries! Be prepared to laugh because some of the entries are hysterical! 

Disclosure: Smarty Pants Mama Media, LLC was compensated to write this post. All opinions and handshakes are my own.


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