Where Are the Best Grocery Deals
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Where Are the Best Grocery Deals

From big box stores, to grocery stores to local markets, where are the best grocery deals for families? Maximizing grocery savings does take some time. Many people use coupons in order to reduce the amount of their grocery bill. Some grocery stores also have frequent shopper benefits. Becoming a frequent shopper at one of these grocery stores will be beneficial to your pocketbook. But knowing which store has the best grocery deals for overall savings and perks is important.Best Grocery Deals

One grocery store that offers a fantastic loyalty program is Winn-Dixie and now that Sweet Bay has become Winn-Dixie, the number of stores has increased! At Winn-Dixie, you can save money and also benefit from their Dependable Deals, Fuelperks, and E-coupons, essentially getting rewarded through deals and discounts for shopping. Wondering how all these programs work? I laid out the programs below.

Winn-Dixie’s Loyalty Programs

Dependable Deals

Dependable Deals is a savings program that is available throughout Winn Dixie stores. It works on the principal in which, this grocery chain locks in the lowest price. An abundance of products are included in the Dependable Deals program. Watch for the signs of a Dependable Deal throughout the store to maximize your overall savings.

best grocery deals


Winn Dixie’s Fuelperks loyalty program works to save you money on gas. This might be my favorite grocery deal at Winn-Dixie. I get to save money on something else (gas) by doing something I already have to do (like by milk & bread!) All you need to do is have a Fuelperks card and spend $50 worth of groceries. Each time you do, you receive a .05 cents discount on a gallon of gas. This reward will be uploaded to your Fuelperks card once the purchase limit has been met. Winn Dixie has bonus Fuelperk items throughout their stores which save you even more money.

Best Grocery Deals


E-Coupons are another great way to save when you frequent Winn Dixie. To be included in this program, you need a free Winn Dixie card. Once you have your Winn Dixie card simply visit their website to view the most current e-coupons. All you have to do is choose the e-coupons for products that you need and are offered at a discount. They will automatically be uploaded to your Winn Dixie card. Not only do you maximize savings, they are paperless, so less waste of our natural resources. For the e-coupon to be credited to your account, you must be signed in.

These are just some of the ways that I have found Winn Dixie to have the best grocery deals. Yes, these great deals, excellent customer service, and quality products is what keeps their customer base growing. Plan on checking out what your local Winn Dixie has to offer you.

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