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Smart Home: PAM Top Tips! 25 readers will receive 4 bottles of PAM!

A cookie sheet, breaded chicken, maybe even a squeaky door all have a tool that comes in handy…PAM!  Yes, I just said the traditional cooking spray that is found in nearly every American household!  PAM has come to the rescue so many times here.  The days of greasing a cookie sheet with butter are done, and days of a quick spray have arrived!  In this Smart Mama home we use PAM regularly, and not just in the kitchen!

Over the next few weeks I invite Smarty Pants Mama readers to share their tips and tricks to using PAM!  Is there a recipe that just wouldn’t be as good without a spray of PAM?  Or have you or the Smart Daddy in your house found a practical way of using PAM to help with household tasks? Currently PAM/ConAgra is hosting PAM Top Tips, an incredible opportunity for Smart Mamas and Daddys! Go to PAM Top Tips at bit.ly/i7gn5b to enter your PAM tip at and you could win $5000 or other fabulous prizes!  Woo Hoo!


To help inspire your PAM tips I am offering 25 readers the opportunity to receive 4 bottles of PAM!  You can use the bottles to help discover new ways of using PAM or practice the many ways you have already used it in your kitchen and more!

To receive the 4 bottles, please provide your name and email address as a comment below. I will email you shortly requesting shipping information!

In the meantime, head to PAM Top Tips at bit.ly/i7gn5b and enter the 1st tip that comes to mind!  My tip: stop adding the fat, spray PAM (butter flavor) on top of breaded chicken cutlets before your put them in the oven.  It gives a great golden color!

As an official Blog Ambassador for ConAgra Foods/PAM I am compensated for my time as a consultant to the program. I have also received complimentary products to assist in my role.  However, the content and thoughts shared in this post are my own.

35 thoughts on “Smart Home: PAM Top Tips! 25 readers will receive 4 bottles of PAM!

  1. I’m a little late jumping on this one but I thought I would still give it a try! After all the baking & cooking I did the past week for Christmas my Pam supply is running low!!

  2. Great tip, I always sprayed my pan, but never thought of spraying the button flavor on top of the meat.
    Karen Medlin
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  3. Love pam! I never thought of using it to flavor anything although I always buy the butter flavor, interesting…

  4. I would love to have those.I’m a fan of PAM cooking spray when I was in US,when we moved here in Canada, I’m having a hard time to find it in a local grocery store.

  5. Woot!!! I shared my tip this morning, I spray PAM on my gardening tools before I store them for the winter.. keeps them from getting rusted… and I stray my squeaky doors, smells so much better then the WD40 odor. Thank again for the great giveaway!!

  6. ROFLOL!! Please forgive me, it’s in the wee hours of the morning, and i didn’t put the “s” in front of prayed….LOL!! Yes, please pray for me…hahaha!! 🙂 However, I did spray the Butter Flavored Pam on my cornbread muffins we had for dinner. 🙂

  7. And my favorite tip I love, is to spray a little Pam in one of my measuring cups, if I have to add honey to a recipe, it makes the honey flow right out of the mesuring cup without any problems. That’s my tip, and I’m sticking to it….lol…;)

  8. i received my Pam yesterday!! I can’t wait to start using it!! 🙂 I was telling my boyfriend about is last night and told him that I have never used Pam, He thought I was crazy!!

    thank you again!!

    I am planning on doing an acknowledgement on my blog about rec. these. I will let ya know when I post it!!

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