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Cleaning the Remote Control, Why and How!

Up to 70 percent of remote controls are coated with illness-causing germs and an estimated one in five of these bugs are dangerous, drug-resistant strains, say University of Arizona researchers. – iVillage.comdirty remote

What would you rather lick: a toilet bowl handle, bathroom door handle or a remote control?  Sorry to tell you, but the remote control is the worst! A study by University of Arizona concluded that a television remote control holds more bacteria than the others.  Gross!  I wouldn’t recommend licking the others, though!

Why do you think our television remote controls get so infested?  We are constantly using them.  We use them while we eat, just after we sneeze or blow our nose.  It drops on the floor and we pick it up without cleaning it.  We shake someone’s hand and then we pick it up again.  Essentially it gets tossed and touched all the time.  Unfortunately, it is not on our standard rundown of cleaning.  We scrub our toilets, wipe the counter but leave the poor remote there to grown bacteria.

Let’s be Smart Mamas and clean that remote and incorporate it into a weekly cleaning routine.

How do you clean a remote?  Basically, rubbing alcohol or other disinfecting wipe will do the trick.  A Q-tip is a handy tool to use to clean in between the buttons too!

See a Smart Mama in action cleaning her remote:

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