How to Potty Train While Traveling
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How to Potty Train While Traveling

Challenge: How will I potty train while traveling this summer?

Solution: Potty training certainly does take some patience. It is best that you wait until the child is old enough to comprehend what potty training is all about. It will take some time for your child to adjust to using the potty at home and away. Potty Train while Traveling

For those of you who are planning on traveling away from home with your toddler in tow, here are some tips on how to potty train while traveling.

Potty Training Tips While Traveling

  1. Take Along a Fold Up Potty Chair- While traveling, your child may be uncomfortable using facilities that they are uncomfortable with. Give them some reassurance by taking along the fold up potty chair that you use at home.
  2. Teach Them to Sit Sideways- Teach them to sit sideways on the “big” potty at home a couple of times. Small children fear the big potty because of the fear of falling in. By teaching them how to sit sideways you will relieve some of the fears that they may have.
  3. Take Along Some Pullups- Take along some Pull Ups for times that they will be stuck in the car for a long time. Sometimes stopping for a restroom is not feasible. Talk to your child and tell them that the training pants are for when you know you cannot make a stop and reach your destination on time.
  4. Reward Them- Reward them for a job well done while using the potty while traveling. Young children love stickers so make sure that you have an ample supply on hand. Take along an empty album for them to place their rewards for mission accomplished.

Following the above tips for potty training while traveling will make your trip more enjoyable. Spend some time explaining why this needs to be done and be prepared for the odd accident. Make sure that you have an extra change of clothes on hand in case an accident happens.

Have you gone on a vacation with your child who was potty training? If so, how did they handle it?

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