3 Steps to Prevent Midday Burglaries

You drop the kids off at school, maybe run to Publix or do other errands. You return home by lunch time and walk into your home in shambles. The back door window was shattered and someone has entered your home. Your feel completely violated.

This exact scenario recently happened to a family member. She was horrified, scared and saddened. How could someone rummage through my boy’s room? Go through my drawers? All when there was a tremendous chance that I could be walking through the front door.

Midday burglaries happen. They happen more than we like to think. Burglars are watching us. They are watching our patterns. They notice the time we typically leave in the morning and the time we typically return. They are smart.

As the mother of the home, we must be vigilant. We must do what’s smart and appropriate to keep our home safe for our families.

Based on the experiences of my family and my own, please follow these 3 steps to a safer home.

  1. Keep it a Mystery – Even through we keep tight schedules, between soccer practice, piano lessons, boy scouts and more, keep your time away from home quiet. You don’t need to tell the handyman, the cable guy or even your hairdresser that you’re not going to be home tomorrow afternoon. You never know who’s listening and taking notes.
  2. Jewelry Storage – With the price of gold so high, thieves want to get their hand on any gold bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Keep your better jewelry stored somewhere where they wouldn’t think to look. I once learned that a kid’s bedroom was ideal – but after my family member’s kids bedroom were ransacked, I’m thinking thieves now know that hiding spot. Your best, most valuable and sentimental items might be best stored at a bank safety deposit box. Or consider purchasing a heavy,fireproof home safe . I have friends who store some valuable in the freezer. Not a bad idea!
  3. Be Alarmed – I never had an alarm growing up. Now I don’t leave home without turning it on. An alarm is an additional component of security to have in your home. Spend the time with your home security installation person to determine what’s best for your home. Door and window contacts won’t cut it. A motion detector and/or glass break detectors are becoming more common as homeowners want to do anything and everything they can to secure their home.

This past week was a wake up call for myself and family. It’s a difficult time our country is in and people are willing to do daring, foolish acts just to get their hands on cash, jewelry or electronics. Be vigilant. Be smart. Be safe.


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