Facing Challenges, Big & Little
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Facing Challenges, Big & Little

Waiting for DaddyAs moms we are facing challenges day in and day out. Some are harder than others. I spent the 1st half of 2011 as a single pregnant mom, but just Monday-Friday. My husband got put on a project in Naples, a 2 -3 hour drive from our home in Miami. He would leave super early Mondays (on Sunday nights sometimes) and wouldn’t return until late Friday. It was so difficult to all those involved – me, him and especially our then  4 year old daughter. Those months were challenging. But, we took on the challenge and made it work, the best we could.

Technology Tied Us Together

We were able to handle the challenge through technology. We talked on the phone a gazillion times. I texted him pictures whenever possible. We often skyped at night and he would even tell her stories. It was ‘almost’ like he was there with us. Thankfully those days ended and we walked away as a stronger family unit – together facing challenges that we thought was near impossible. We are now a family that cherishes every weeknight dinner together more than ever before.

Common Mom Challenges

Fast forward a couple years and all is good – no more long long commute and weeks away – Daddy is now home everyday. Now I can continue to focus on my “mom challenges” and there are plenty of those! Moms face challenges in and around their homes everyday. We greet messy beds, kitchens and bathrooms. We clean sticky noses and treat high fevers. We clean the knocked over bowl of spaghetti or the glass pickle jar that got knocked off the kitchen counter. As Smart Mamas we need to find ways to use strong tools and to keep the best tools at our fingertips, in every room in our home. A phone and computer were the best tools when Tom was away, but that won’t work for in home messy challenges!

Angel Soft

A Stronger Mom Everywhere

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Angel Soft. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

20 thoughts on “Facing Challenges, Big & Little

  1. Dejar mi país MEXICO por venir a buscar nuevas oportunidades, lejos de la familia, amigos y dejando a un lado sueños profesionales, ha sido uno de los retos más grandes de mi vida que me han hecho doblemente fuerte.

  2. I guess for me its been my two back surgeries. They didnt turn out quite the way they were supposed to, and will need one more. It has made me stronger …mentally! Weaker physically…but a much stronger person!

  3. I’ve been living with chronic pain for four years now. The doctors tell me I have fibromyalgia or just muscle spasms. Ive taken every known medication out there and had lots of procedures but nothing seems to help. I do my stretching daily and struggle each day with the idea that I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life. I think that makes me 2x stronger.

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