DIY Memory Box, A Simple Tradition for Families

I previously shared how to make a Memory Box. It was a resolution of mine in 2012. I stuck to it, well, most days I stuck to it!

Each day of the year, I added a little blurb about what we did. Short simple sentences of accomplishments or basic happenings. The best part of that memory box happened just yesterday. We opened the box to begin the new year and read what had happened on January 1, 2012. On that day last year…

The awwwww that came out everyone’s mouth as I read aloud that the baby had stood up that day was precious. My 6 year old was thrilled to help write the 2013 memory!

It is most certainly not too late to begin your family’s Memory Box. Head back to last year’s post for more specific directions on how to make one, or watch my video below.




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