Clutter-Free Solution to Play with Hot Wheels & Matchbox

Time to find space in that playroom! With birthdays, holidays and other gift receiving events, you just know more toys will soon fill up every last spot in the play area. Where will you put the next toy?  How about on the wall!?

The technology of the 3M Command Hanging Strips
that I relied upon for my home decor is now combined with fabulous kid-loving toys to entertain kids and de-stress moms with their clutter-free solution to play!

The Hot Wheels Off Tracks is the latest innovation for boys that has even received recognition as 2011 Boy Toy and Innovative Toy of the Year! This is a must-have toy for boys aged 4 and up.

This “wall toy” will save room on your floor…who doesn’t love that? The boys will take their hot wheels and in no time have races coming right out of their playroom wall. Absolutely a Smart Mama space efficient toy!

Utilizing different space options is what Matchbox has in mind. Their new space saving solution can be seen in the Matchbox Cliffhanger line. I recently tried out the Matchbox Cliff Hanger Police Station Playset
and it’s fun and can be easily set up on any table top. Using a clasp on the back of the station, the toy sits on a table edge to make the firetruck Matchbox quickly spiral down to the fire! Yes, your boys will love this one!

Kid toys, while certainly amusing and entertaining, can be a clutter disaster in no time. There are great ideas out there to arrange and de-clutter the home play areas. Considering the storage and play area needed for a new toy is a Smart Mama move. The Hot Wheels Off Tracks and the Matchbox Cliff Hanger Police Station Playset
are toys that offer excellent clutter-free fun and organization!

Disclosure: Products were provided to use for review. No compensation or expectation to review was provided. All opinions are my own.




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