Chef Todd English Teaches Through Macy’s Culinary Council
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Chef Todd English Teaches Through Macy’s Culinary Council

Chef Todd English is sharing his secrets as part of the Macy’s Culinary Council. Chef recently demonstrated his pizza making techniques with food lovers at his restaurant, Figs in Palm Beach, FL this week. Of Italian ancestry, Chef has always

Macy's Culinary Council
Asking Chef Todd English a few questions before the event.

had a passion for all things Italian. In 2008 he embarked on an Italian tour eating a lot of pizza as he visited cities like Calabria to learn directly from the people. He left Italy with an even greater passion and knowledge for the Italian cuisine. He now shares that in each dish he prepares.

Pizza Making Secrets

Macy's Culinary Council
Chef Todd English autographed each pizza peel!

Making pizza at home can be fun and delicious! Through the Culinary Council, Chef English is sharing his tricks to making pizza at home. Do you know that the dough should be at room temperature? Or that a pizza peel is a fantastic tool to have on hand when making pizza? I didn’t even what a pizza peel was! As Chef tossed the dough, flattened it and added the sauce and toppings, he reminded attendees that when making pizza, less is more. There isn’t a need to over do it with toppings, sauce or cheese. I think I do that sometimes all the time!

Secret Pizza Toppings

Chef English loves to caramelize anchovies, capers and garlic. He finds these three ingredients to be fantastic inclusion in all sorts of dishes – not just pizza. I just might need to give anchovies a try.

More About Macy’s Culinary Council

Macy’s Culinary Council has put together top chefs from across the globe with the intent of providing foodies and shoppers in-store cooking demos and great advice for at-home cooking! Along with Chef Todd English, Wolfgang Puck, Richard Bayless, Michelle Bernstein (remember when I drooled with her grape dishes last spring?) and more, these chefs are sharing their recipes and skills. Browse the EVENTS on the Macy’s Culinary Council site to see when a Chef will be in your area! It’s an event not to be missed! Great cookbooks are also available which features recipes from each chef on the council. You can find the cookbooks online as well.



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