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 Innovative products that moms want and need is the best way I can describe Brica , a company with over 20 years experience making products to keep kids safe and comfortable. I have 3 different Brica products at home. They are products that make me wonder, why didn’t I think of that? The products are smart. They make sense. They are useful and affordable for moms. Brica products are sold at various retailers and online.

 Phone Pod

The Brica Phone Pod ™, that I once shared with you during a #CarpoolChat, has become a lifesaver. I go out with the baby in the stroller often. Whether it’s out walking, to the mall, park or any event where I need her strapped in the stroller, I have found the Brica Phone Pod™ to be the extra hand that I need. The pod easily fits onto the stroller handlebar and can be twisted to set the phone vertically or horizontally. I can then have my phone accessible, not lost in the diaper bag whenever I’m out. I’ve also grown to love it when I’m out walking. I have a great pedometer app that uses GPS to track my walking. I keep the app open as I walk and glance down at the app’s map to see where and how far I’ve walked. It’s motivating. Brica also makes snack and drink pods to keep what you need accessible and in place. The Brica Phone Pod ™ retails on Amazon for $11.99 and is also available at various retailers.

 Stretch-to-Fit Sun Shade

The sun in Miami is strong. This time of year it’s strong everywhere. Although our car windows are semi-tinted, it isn’t quite enough to keep the sun and it’s obnoxious glare from hitting the baby’s face. The Brica Stretch-To-Fit Sunshade ™ has been easily attached to the rear window and adjusted to fit the window’s dimensions. The mesh blocks the sun but not my view – an improvement from our former sun shade. To shade larger window, like the rear window, you can connect a series of Sunshades together. The Brica Stretch-To-Fit Sunshade   sells for $10.39 on Amazon. It is also available at various retailers.

 GoPad Diaper Change

The Brica Elite goPad Diaper Changer is a durable diaper changing pad and more, much, much more, that lives in my car. Out and about as often as we are, I tend to chance the baby from in the trunk or front seat. I open out the GoPad Diaper Changer and lay her on the clean pad. All my tools are there. The pad is far more durable – stronger material – than changing pads I’ve used before. It also has great compartments to store necessities such as the extra diapers, cream, little baggie and other things. A strap on one end lets me attach it to the stroller or I can just toss it in the stroller basket if I prefer. I have really been impressed with the product. The Brica Elite goPad Diaper Changer sells for $19.99 on Amazon. It is also available at various retailers.

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