3 Reasons to Eat Kale
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3 Reasons to Eat Kale

We’ve been eating kale for a number of years. We most often sauté it with a little EVOO and garlic, treating it like spinach. There has been a lot of kale buzz recently, as the nutritional benefit of the green vegetable have gotten tremendous publicity. Do you eat it? If not, you should. This week I’ve been enjoying my Kale in the form of chips. See our Simple Kale Chips Recipe! It’s delicious!

3 Nutritional Reasons to Eat Kale

According to the Juice Generation, each calorie of Kale has…

  • more iron than beef!
  • more calcium than milk!
  • 10xs more Vitamin C than spinach!

You are most certainly getting more bang for your buck calorie than beef, milk and spinach! Wow! If those are 3 reasons aren’t good enough to begin including kale in your family’s weekly menu, you must look at this following infographic that is chock-full of nutritional benefits of the trendy leafy green.

Kale InfographicConvinced? Will you be including it in your next meal? I hope so! If you have a great KALE RECIPE that you would like to share, please comment here or send me an email. It would be great to share different ways to enjoy the veggie!


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