Homemade Baby Food – Simple & Healthy with Sage Spoonfuls!

Homemade Baby Food – Simple & Healthy with Sage Spoonfuls!

I cannot believe my littlest one is already 7 months.  Where has the time gone!?  I still remember the 1st moments that I held her and when she opened her eyes with a bit of a smile.  I instantly fell in love.  Fast forward a few months and here I am experiencing her 1st crawls, 1st waves hello and her most recently her 1st solids.

I knew I wanted to provide fresh, healthy foods for her.  I had for her big sister 5 years ago.  At that time, I had more time on my hands, and just one child to look after.  Now with 2, a busy blogging career and more, I’ve been nervous about managing the added time of making homemade baby food!

I was presented with the chance to try Sage Spoonfuls – essentially a simple make your own baby food kit.  Liza Huber, a classmate of mine since 1st grade and now mom to 3 beautiful children,  had recently launched the line and had shared how strongly she felt that Sage Spoonfuls was the ideal companion for a mom ready to take on homemade babyfood.  I took up her offer to try it out.

Armed with her cookbook, hand blender and a counter full of organic carrots I followed the simple steps to make carrot puree for the baby.

Rinsing, peeling & steaming the carrots was simple and the Sage Spoonfuls hand blender was fantastic – FAR EASIER that taking out & dirtying the Cuisinart for such a basic meal.

The cookbook is one of my favorite components of Sage Spoonfuls.  Liza presents quality information in an easy to ready format.  The recipes are simple with possible variations/combinations included with each.  A helpful index is also included.  The cookbook now sits within arms reach in my kitchen!  I turn to it daily for ideas of what to serve the baby and what new foods she could try next!

When the pureeing was complete, I carefully added it to the Sage Spoonfuls storage containers, allowed it to cool and then screwed the cap on each.  I noted on the provided sticker labels the name of the food and the date it was created.  From start to finish (not included cooling time) the process took maybe 15 minutes for 8 portions of food!   The organic carrots cost me a dollar – far cheaper that purchasing 8 separate jars of organic babyfood.

 To learn more about Sage Spoonfuls, please connect with Liza at, and!


Would you like to see how making homemade baby food can be a fun, easy and SMART MAMA way of providing your baby with healthy foods?  Liza is offering one reader the opportunity to win a Let’s Get Started Sage Spoonfuls Kit!

This 19 piece system includes everything you need to make and store your own fresh, natural homemade baby food with ease!  The Sage Spoonfuls immersion blender and food processor allow you to puree up to 2 week’s worth of baby food in just seconds and storing is a breeze with the Sage Spoonfuls (Made in the USA!) Storage System. 


 Our jars are also perfect for finger foods and feeding on-the-go!  This package includes:

 – The Sage Spoonfuls Book—Simple Recipes*Healthy Meals*Happy Babies
– 1 Immersion Blender with 1 Food Processor
– 12 BPA-free 4 oz Storage Jars
– 1 Pack of 60 Labels
– 2 stackable Storage Trays
– 1 Pocket Guide

 BPA, Lead, Phthalate and PVC free!

Retail Value: $89.99

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Disclosure:  A complimentary kit was provided to use for review purposes.  All opinions, as always, are my own.



    • Melissa 13 December, 2011 at 22:22 Reply

      Most intimidating… Really not too much… especially with this great kit. I guess I’d say I’m intimidated by finding space in my freezer.

  1. lov3lyui 21 December, 2011 at 02:01 Reply

    well i have been doin this for two months baby loves the homemade food i made, just makes the combination of veggies, fruits, and u can add cheese, minced chicken, fish, onion, garlic, and many more to add some taste

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