Voting for Top 25 VLogger

 I love to be a blogger and a vlogger!

I used the RECORD NOW option on YouTube this week for my #CarpoolChat. I wanted you to see – actually see – a snippet of the day & the life of a work at home mom (WAHM) who has a toddler at her toes! Have you seen the videos? I’ve embedded them below.

Did you know that I’m in the running for TOP 25 VLOGGERS from Circle of Moms? I’m thrilled! Now through March 13th, supporters can vote DAILY…if they so choose to! (I really hope you do!) They can also SHARE this post with others so they too can learn how to vote? (Boy, am I being to pushy? I hope not! I just would LOVE to get everyone’s support – and that of their friend’s too! ;-)) To vote for my smiling, chatty face go to:

Thank you so much for enjoying my daily videos and for voting for me! I love sharing my experiences with you and I hope you love to hear them, at least a little bit!

I love to be a blogger and a vlogger! I love to share my insights on being a mom, a wife and a friend. To see my YouTube channel and all my latest and greatest videos – including the one with my big, fat red pimple on my nose, or the one where I explain some of my favorite parts of our Carnival Breeze family cruise!


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