Thursday Thirteen – 1st Words

First words. We get so excited. We can’t believe what we’re hearing! This Thursday Thirteen I will share my daughter’s 1st 13 words and meanings- in no particular order! Keep in mind that she is raised in a bilingual home – Spanish & English. She hears Spanish 75% of the time.

  1. dada = daddy
  2. mama = mami
  3. coo coo = cookie
  4. silla = this is how you say chair in spanish
  5. bub bol = bubbles
  6. bol = ball
  7. boo = book
  8. hi = hi
  9. bye = bye
  10. an you – thank you
  11. ayaa yaa = strangley enough this is her yes
  12. awa – agua (water)
  13. choo – shoes

Come by tomorrow to learn how to make the most delicious Cuban black beans! This recipe has proven to be such a hit! My munchkin hates chewing meat, so I rely on beans to provide much of her protien!

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  1. Jane @ Kidzarama 17 April, 2008 at 18:43 Reply

    That’s beautiful. I remember walking into a room and hearing Wren call out “Mama” for the first time. I cried.

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