Teacher Appreciation Pinterest Craft

I did it. I found a cute Pinterest craft and did it. Best all it came out pretty cute!
This coming week is Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughter’s school. I wanted to give something that was not the standard teacher mug or more generic gift certificate. I headed to Pinterest (Do you follow my boards yet? You should! and found several cute crafts. Some looked more involved than others. I finally decided to put together these reusable cup gift. Here’s how it looked on Pinterest:

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest


Want to make these adorable Teacher Appreciation crafts for your school? Check out Lisa Storm’s tutorial, including printable straw flags!


Here’s how mine came out:

Not bad! What do you think?
What’s been your favorite Pinterest successful craft?



  1. Mrs. Jen B 28 January, 2013 at 11:50 Reply

    How cute! What a great idea. I’ve never tried any crafts from Pinterest, per se, but I have tried several recipes which have turned out well. I try to limit my Pinterest time nowadays or else I spend way, way too much time there. 😉

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