Snoozing in the Booster – stiff neck?

I remember how ecstatic we were when we could ditch the “pain the butt to buckle” car seat and start using the booster instead.  What a relief!  I gained minutes back a day, since she could do everything, minus buckle herself.  She could climb in, she could unbuckle and climb out.  Now, I was warned that long trips may create some stiff necks.  What?  Well, here is what the warning must of have meant:

Stiff neck?

Well, these are the moments that I miss the car seat – the seat that allowed a little more head support.

I felt so bad, we were en route to the hotel after a long day.  It was less than 45 seconds (I timed it) and she was out. Look at her!  Passed out like a college kid after a keg party. Her head slumped over with even a little drooling. I tried to readjust her, but within seconds she was right back to her so un-cozy looking position.

Now a few days later – coming home from Disney, I got creative.  Yes, I can be a Smart Mama some times! Doesn’t she look much more comfortable now!a few pillows and a blanket offer the support!

Pillows = comfort!


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