Portion Control Using Portioned Plates

A deck of cards, palm of your hand, length of your pinky… we use visualizations to help us with our portion control.  It helps, but it’s not full proof!

#SmartMamaLUTION – Adhere to your portion control by adjusting how you serve the meal.

I recently made meatloaf in 4 mini-loaf pans.  Each meatloaf was the precise serving size that I should eat.  There was no temptation to cut a wider piece or have one more slice.  I bought the loaf pans at Publix for cheap.  Next I want to buy ceramic ones that I can use over and over again!

Later in the week I served dinner in a pepper!  Following a recipe from the Eating Well magazine, I stuffed red and green peppers with a ground beef mixture and it was delicious!  We even got to eat the “bowl!”  My daughter LOVED this!  Peppers are one of “her veggies,” so I thought this meal would be a hit…and it was!

Let’s get creative and have fun with how we portion!  It’s depressing seeing the chicken breast the size of a deck of cards sitting on a 12 inch diameter plate.  It just makes our meal look so tiny when we are so hungry! How do you control portions by adjusting your servingware?  I want to learn new ways!

Stores are full of fun cooking ware that can be used to jazz up how you cook and where your serve.  See what you find and make a big step in your #SmartMamaLUTION of controlled portions!


How do you get creative when portioning your meals? Please share!



  1. Jennifer G 10 January, 2012 at 20:45 Reply

    Pampered Chef makes a stoneware mini loaf pan (4 mini loafs in one pan) & a muffin stone. I use both for meatloaf & other things I want to portion out. Muffin size is the perfect portion for me and hubbie eats one mini loaf or all 3 kids (for now!). Plus, the stones keep everything moist and you use less oil 🙂 Would love that stuffed pepper recipe :drooling: 🙂

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