#SmartMamaLUTION #6: 3 Easy Ways to Maximize Every Last Drop of Detergent

#SmartMamaLUTION 6:  3 Easy Ways to Maximize Every Last Drop of Detergent

Pour detergent into the cap.

Pour detergent into washing machine.

Now what do you do with the detergent that remains in the cap?  I have 3 simple Smart Mama solutions that will help you maximize the liquid laundry detergent that remains in the measuring cap:

  1. Drop the cap into washer and let it run the cycle.  The remaining detergent film will quickly become part of the soap solution. Be sure to remove the cap before transferring the clothes into the dryer!
  2. Use a sock from the laundry pile or any piece of dirty clothing to wipe out the cap.  Throw item into wash.
  3. Forget the cap, eyeball the amount of detergent you need and pour it directly into the washer.

These solutions will leave the cap clean and prevent detergent goo in your laundry room.


Is there another detergent in the cap solution that we can add to the list?  Please share it! Write a quick blog post about how you did SmartMamaLUTION #5: Maximizing the Detergent in the Cap!


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