Smart Travel: Fish Bowl – Islamorada, FL (Upper Keys)

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Fish Bowl
83230 Overseas Hwy
Islamorada, FL 33036

(305) 664-9397

Traveling to the Upper Florida Keys with a preschooler, or any young kids for that matter, really limits your options for nighttime entertainment.  Live bands and tiki bars aren’t the preferred venue for most families.  Luckily The Fish Bowl in Islamorada has met the demand for that.  Located at MM 83.2, it is a standard, old school bowling alley, with some more modern flares including a computerized scoreboard, which certainly entertained us one late afternoon when our bodies just couldn’t handle another minute in the sun, pool or beach!

The alley was clean. Staff was very nice and helpful.  We were quickly assisted with getting the lane bumpers automated for when my daughter bowled, and within a few more minutes another employee came over with a ramp for her to use to roll the ball.  The bowling alley had 3 lanes of 12 being used, so that may have something to do with the ridiculous superb attention we received.  Whatever the reason, we loved it!

There was an arcade full of older, second hand games from air hockey to race car games.  A few pool tables were in a separate room.  Neither area had more than a few patrons, again probably due to the time of day we were there.  I assume the place must get packed later in the night.

The bar was small and clean, and had a decent variety of beers.  The ones on tap weren’t just standard brands. Of course this intrigued my husband who tried a lesser known India Pale Ale that night.  The food, although I didn’t try, included chicken fingers, hot dogs and such.  Many people were snacking.

The games and shoe rental were fairly priced.  We played 2 full games, each with 2 adults and 1 child, drank 2 beers and rented shoes all for around $30.  Not bad for a Saturday night!

Take note that we did have a hard time finding the place, which is strange when you’re in the Keys and an address is labeled with a mile marker.  The problem is that we were looking for a sign that said “Fish Bowl” but all we saw was a sign that said “bowling.”  I know we should have put 2 and 2 together immediately, but I was thinking an attraction is called by one name, it should be advertised by the same name too!  Just my Smart Mama 2 cents 😉

Without a doubt, The Fish Bowl is certainly worth a stop on your next Upper Keys family vacation. Kids to grandparents can have a great time here.  It’s perfect for the ultra hot days, rainy days, or just need to do something different days.  Wishing you fun on the lanes!

Overall Smart Tips for The Fish Bowl

  • Try going off hours to avoid a possible crowd.
  • Bring socks! You don’t want to wear bowling shoes barefoot!
  • Bring loose change for the arcade!
  • Per my husband, try the Long Hammer IPA!
  • Drive slowly getting there, the sign outside isn’t so obvious.

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