Smart Product: Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

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 Makes sense.  I like products like that.  The Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt is a great concept and works! We all love the idea of playing soft, classical music to the bun in the oven.  But, we’re often challenged with figuring out exactly how to get the headphones to stay around the huge belly.  The Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt is the solution to this.  The ultra-soft belt wraps around your belly and closes with a Velcro band, adjustable to all belly sizes!  (An extra extension band is provided in the packaging for the mother’s of multiples! We know your bellies get even bigger!)

The belt contains a zippered pocket that sits on the inside portion.  Within the pocket lies the connection for your iPod or other musical device.  Speakers are positioned within the belt to share the music directly towards your belly, towards your baby.  A volume control is also included.  A splitter can be used to allow you, the Smart Mama, to enjoy the music as well, through your own set of headphones.

I honestly find no real improvements needed for this tool. It really makes sense and is a worthwhile product for pregnant ladies.  It’s a $55 investment that is well worth it!

To learn more information the Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt visit:

To purchase a belt: Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt Deluxe Package – Chocolate Brown


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