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Sleep deprivation won’t end until the last child is…..

I remember hearing over and over again how one’s life completely changes after having a child. Boy were they right in sooooooooooo many ways. It’s astonishing how your mind can completely change priorities…spending the greater part of 30 years putting yourself and, in time, hubby 1st, to all of a sudden putting on the brakes, kicking yourself out of the front seat and wanting your child and hubby to ride together. Odd analogy I know.

So back to my original thought about sleep deprivation. Lately my 28 month old munchkin hasn’t been so into sleeping through the night. She’ll wake up sometime between 3 and 6 AM and come into our room. (At this point I should get out of bed and bring her back to her room.) However, I lift her up into our bed and then spend the remaining hours attempting to sleep while be kicked and hit in the face as the munchkin tosses and turns.

Regardless what I choose to do when she comes in, my sleep is interrupted (I completely and totally understand and respect that this is part of motherhood, and not for a second would I not want to care for my munchkin no matter the time of day.) But I can still quietly complain that I’m super tired!

So…..when will I get that full night’s sleep? My guess is in about 16 years! Ha…that’s a long time of tired mornings! What do you think?


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