Smart Home: The Mom-nook, by Guest Poster & Interior Decorator Joanne Palumbo

This week I’m honored to have Joanne, interior decorator extraordinare, as well as high school classmate, provide some great tips to you on creating a mom-nook, instead of the man-cave we dreadfully close our eyes to.  

 I am so honored to be guest blogging on one of my favorite and most useful blogs! Thank you to Caroline, a very wise mother, amazing blog-mama and good friend from high school! As an interior decorator and mom of two, I blog mostly about home décor tips, ideas, inspirations and client projects on my blog: Homestyling101 ( and tweeting at @Homestyling101

In most homes, Mom assumes the title of ‘decorator’. Whether it is a job she embraces with excitement or dismisses with dismay, Mom’s are usually responsible for selecting the paint colors, the furniture, the accessories, the window treatments, etc all while carrying out their regular responsibilities as CEO of the home. (Most times, the hubbys participate when it comes to the budget of decorating…or the power tools!)

Not only to bathe....

What fascinates me most is that while Mom’s put so much time, effort and consideration into putting together a beautiful and functional home, in true Mom fashion, they always seem to overlook themselves. While they vigorously devote a space in the house to a ‘play room’ for the kids or a ‘man-cave’ for the husband, they never create a space of their very own. Never heard of a ‘mom-nook’ have you? Which leads me to daydream….if a Mom were to designate and decorate a space just for herself…what do you think it would look like?

Window seat...

For more ideas, check out this amazing book that I have coveted for years…..great nooks for great ladies! “A Room of Her Own” by Chris Madden.

Whether it is a corner of the office, a window seat in a hall or a true four-walled room of your own…go create a space that is just for you! What would be in yours?

All photos courtesy of House Beautiful: Interior Designer, Windsor Smith

Joanne Palumbo, owner of Homestyling101, LLC, is a Certified Interior Decorator and expert home stager working inWestchester,NY. Joanne keeps the design process simple while working with residential clients to infuse their own style into their homes, at any budget. Homestyling101 also offers e-decorating for homeowners who live outside of NY. For more info, please call 914-420-6506 or email us at


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