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Smart Home: Back to School Etiquette

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This week I welcome Lovely Payoute, president of Etiquette Miami, who offers a wide range of programs and services from group etiquette classes for children and teens, individual/corporate training, and cotillion programs. Children Manners classes for children and teens are enrolling now in Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton Nordstrom Stores.

Back to School Etiquette

You have checked off the supplies on the school supply list, but is your child prepared to make friends, meet new teachers and make great impressions this school year?

A new school year comes with a lot of anxiety for children.  It’s important while out school shopping for parents to talk  to their children about what is expected of them in the classroom, cafeteria, hallways and playground.

First Impressions

Review basic introduction with your children before they return to school.

Hi, my name is Suzy.  This is Shelly.  Shelly this is Suzy.

Everyone should look put together when they come to school.  Showered, clean clothes, hair combed, teeth brushed, etc.

Prepare your student with conversation topics.  Examples include asking about hobbies, books, movies, summer vacations, siblings, favorite subject, where did you move from, what sports do you play?

Transition to New School

Help your student to read non–verbal cues. Encourage them to observe lines, different activities and friends before choosing where to play (elementary ages) and groups to interact with (middle & high school age).

Back to School Etiquette

Younger students should be reminded that all kids should be allowed to play.  Do not give one student the power to decide who gets to play.  Be fair.  Follow the rules.  Things to review with elementary aged children:

  • Include everyone and anyone in all activities.
  • Do not cheat.  Follow the rules.
  • Winning is not everything.
  • Use your words.

Older students should be reminded of how damaging cliques can be.  Consider renting and watching a movie together that shows the impact on cliques.  This is a great opportunity to continue the dialogue about the movies & real life situations. Suggested movies: Mean Girls, Breakfast Club and 10 Things I Hate About You.  Things to review with middle/high school aged children:

  • Make sure that your students are able to draw a distinction between cliques and gangs.  It’s a thin line.
  • Encourage hobbies, sports and after-school clubs, where your teen may interact with other kids with similar interests and values.

Things parents should remember as they interact with other parents:

  • If you are new to the carpool or PTA ask a veteran for advice.
  • Be friendly to all moms but make sure you do not over attach yourself to another mom or dad.
  • Remember some people do not like to have people in their personal space or too involved in their lives.
  • Take your time getting to know parents and kids.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.

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