Smart Home: Babies for Yum Caption Contest, My Photo is Worth 1000 Words!

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Just this morning Isabella wanted Cecilia to come play in her room.  Unfortunately, the 7 week old isn’t really up for that just yet!  Isabella is still waiting for the baby to instantly grow to “full size” and play dolls with her!  I brought the baby into her room and set her on the bed.

Isabella loved that her very own baby sister was in her room, with her head on her pillow.  She carefully pulled up the covers and stared at her with a smile that made my heart melt. We talked about how Cecilia is getting to be soooo big and how the days will soon be here where they will play dress-up and read books together.  Isabella asked if that would be next month. Hee Hee.  I love the innocence of children.

A few minutes later, she leaned over and ever so softly gave her baby sister a “besito” (kiss) on the nose.  Now my heart was truly mush.  The baby moved just a little.  It was precious.

Moments like these are priceless.  Photos like these are worth 1000 words.  Precious, love, sisterhood come to mind.  How would you describe this photo?  What do you think the baby is thinking?  Maybe something silly? What caption would you give it?

We all know that through  “film”, funny, loving and sentimental moments are held onto forever.  We can look back at photos of our babies, children and family and relive the moment.  I know I’ll look back at these photos years from now and tear up when I think back at how their relationship began with little moments like these.

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  1. Nicki Woo 30 June, 2011 at 17:27 Reply

    Your girls are dolls. I saw your tweet, and I thought I’d pop over to see your cute caption pics. I ran a post today also, for CG. Good job! You should be so proud of your beauties!

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