Smart Food: S’Mores, the Perfect Vacation Treat!

What about a S’more isn’t to like?  Yummy graham cracker, soft sweet marshmallow and chocolate… mouth is watering now.  When I think of S’mores I think of summer evenings growing up in Long Island.  Weekends typically included at least one night of my parents grilling on the Weber.  The very best part, and my fondest memory, was the toasting of marshmallows on the fading flame of the grill after the burgers and corn were eaten.

The marshmallows tasted great on their own, but there was something that was above and beyond exciting for a kid….toping the marshmallow with chocolate and sandwiching it within graham crackers!

Fast forward many years and here I am with the ingredients in hand.  The toasting on an open flame isn’t always so practical for a mom with a preschooler and an infant, so the need to adapt is necessary.  Our “indoor flame,” the oven, can get the job done.

During our recent family vacation to the beach, I, as did my preschooler, needed a break from the beach.  Although coloring and watching movies were easy, fun activities for her, I wanted to kick it up a notch.  That’s when I thought of my childhood memories of making & eating S’mores.  Thankfully our vacation apartment was equipped with a full kitchen, with a tiny, but big enough, oven.


In less than 10 minutes we were licking our fingers and making more!

The S’mores fun didn’t end on that trip.  My husband, a bit jealous of our afternoon snack that he missed, asked me to make some when we returned home.  I opted for the microwave to warm and soften the marshmallows.  He topped it off with a cold beer…not surprising for Smarty Pants Dada!

Are S’mores part of your childhood memories?  Have you made them with your kids?

Be sure to check out how The Exhausted Mom made S’Mores Pops!  They look so delicious!

Disclosure: Ingredients needed to make S’Mores were provided. All opinions are my own.


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