Smart Food: Pop & Win Popcorn Playdate Party! Giveaway!

How do you create instant excitement with 2 four year old little girls? Just mention popcorn, candy, movie and a game and you can image the reaction!  I recently had a Pop & Win Popcorn Party Playdate for my daughter and niece.  The afternoon was such fun!

We opened a new box of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn and started off with the excitement of microwaving the popcorn.  You know how kids are so fascinated by watching and hearing popcorn pop!  To add to the excitement our popcorn was a Pop & Win bag!  All you have to do is pop a bag to reveal a heat-activated code and see if you’ve won.  One in six bags is a winner so we were hopeful!  You should have seen their anticipation as we watched the popcorn bag rotate in the microwave; they tried to see if the message was showing yet!  I think the party could have almost ended there – they were so happy!  Well, the ding was finally heard and unfortunately we weren’t winners but we were hungry!

The girls had a blast hanging out on the couch watching a movie and chowing down on that popcorn; I had some too!  I even opened up a box of M&Ms just like a t the movies and poured a few in each popcorn box!  The girls were thrilled!

Movie attention span ended about the same time their popcorn containers were empty.  Time for a game!  Out came Twister!  This new game for the girls was tons of fun to play.  A few reminders of which foot is their left and which is their right is all it took to have these two buddies hysterically laughing as they put their left foot on yellow, their right on green and both hands on blue.  I think we played the game 5 times before they were pooped!

Our Popcorn Playdate Party was a huge success!  The Pop & Win excitement was the perfect way to start and Twister, well I couldn’t get the girls to stop laughing!

WINNER:  Leticia Barr of!

Win your own Popcorn Party – perfect for a family movie night, playdate and more and see if your family is a winner with Pop & Win!

Your Popcorn Party Kit will include:

·         Blu – Ray Player
·         $10 Snapfish gift certificate
·         Movie theatre candy
·         Free Redbox rental
·         Board games
·         Orville Redenbacher’s Pop & Win popcorn

To enter the giveaway, share how you would have a Pop & Win Popcorn Party at your home!

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Disclosure:  Smarty Pants Mama received a sample Popcorn Party gift box to support the evaluation.  All opinions stated above are of Smarty Pants Mama and are not influenced.




  1. Leticia- TechSavvyMama 21 March, 2011 at 22:12 Reply

    I’d invite one of my daughter’s closest friends over to pop the Pop & Win during the Xbox sleepover that the girls have been talking about and intersperse some Twister in throughout the night to work off the M&Ms so they would sleep really really well!

  2. Leanne 22 March, 2011 at 13:40 Reply

    I would plan on having a party with my daycare kids on a Friday afternoon. We tend to be more lax on Fridays and I think this would be a perfect thing for them!!

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