Smart Deal: Free 8×10 Canvas Photo

A few weeks back I saw 2 beautiful canvas photo prints in my cousin’s playroom. The photos were of great quality, and the printed on canvas look worked so well in a playroom.

Here’s the FREE photo canvas I have ordered on CanvasPeople

She mentioned that I needed to get to because I would be impressed with the deal they offered.  I knew I needed to get the details!

Well, she was right! offers customers a FREE 8×10 photo canvas!  You select & upload the photo and you will receive a top quality canvas photo ready for your playroom or other room.  It’s certainly an excellent way to use a summer picture!   This FREE canvas ($55 value) requires you to pay the $14.95 shipping charge.  You can also opt to use the $55 towards the purchase of a larger canvas.  For example, the most popular size, 11×14 retails for $64.99.  With your $55 credit, you will only pay $9.99 plus shipping!  Impressive!

To take advantage of this incredible Smart Mama Deal, visit, upload your photo(s), select framing & color effects (frames and color effects increase price) and you’ll be ready to place the order!  It’s that easy!

As an added bonus, Canvas People also offers 50% off each additional canvas photo item after the first!


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