Smart Cause: Take Action with the Weekends Without Hunger Act

The Feeding America campaign has been a great success these last months.  We are all now AWARE of how so many children go without in this nation.  Thank you to so many bloggers and media outlets for making us aware of this drastic problem.

If you are looking for ways to help in the campaign, consider, supporting the “Weekends Without Hunger Act.” This bill will help the great number of children who rely of school based free meal programs for their breakfast and lunch each day, to have meals as easily on weekends.  We can’t expect that a child who is hungry on Wednesday not to be hungry on Saturday! You can show your support, and/or thank those congressmen who have already agreed on the bill by TAKING ACTION from of Feeding America.

The Weekends Without Hunger Act is an important priority for Feeding America’s efforts to end child hunger.  Feeding America is trying to get as many cosponsors for this bill as possible so that this legislation is included in the final Child Nutrition Reauthorization.

I took action!  Now, you go do the same by emailing your congressmen through!


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