When a Selfie Ruins Everything
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When a Selfie Ruins Everything

I will share a story that embarrasses me a bit. It was clearly not a Smart Mama moment.

It was a total selfie FAIL!

I was enjoying a fantastic time at lunch with a dear friend and fellow blogger, Leticia of TechSavvyMama.com. As every moment these days includes, we took a selfie. 


Cute, right?

Well a few minutes later as we were leaving our lunch at La Cote at the Fontainebleau, we spotted loads of celebrities there for the Rio 2 premier.

Within seconds actors like George Lopez, Jamie Eisenberg, Andy Garcia, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx and more were within a foot of us as we walked by each other. I grabbed my phone and launched the camera. I took dozen of photos of these famous stars. I was so excited. Until I realized the major FAIL I had committed. 

My camera was still on selfie mode!

Yes, my fantastic photos of the stars – within an arm’s reach – turned out to be pictures of my shoulder and hair. Just look:

Selfie Fail

Can you believe it?

I did get one decent photo of Anne Hathaway. (This photo was actually taken about an hour before the selfie disaster 😉 )

Anne Hathaway

Lesson learned for all you Smart Mamas, take your phone OFF OF SELFIE MODE when trying to be part of the paparazzi! 

What’s your selfie fail story?


6 thoughts on “When a Selfie Ruins Everything

  1. Wow!!!!! I can only imagine. Well one good thing came out of it. You were able to document lunch with a great friend. 🙂 That alone was priceless.

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