When a Selfie Ruins Everything

I will share a story that embarrasses me a bit. It was clearly not a Smart Mama moment.

It was a total selfie FAIL!

I was enjoying a fantastic time at lunch with a dear friend and fellow blogger, Leticia of As every moment these days includes, we took a selfie. 


Cute, right?

Well a few minutes later as we were leaving our lunch at La Cote at the Fontainebleau, we spotted loads of celebrities there for the Rio 2 premier.

Within seconds actors like George Lopez, Jamie Eisenberg, Andy Garcia, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx and more were within a foot of us as we walked by each other. I grabbed my phone and launched the camera. I took dozen of photos of these famous stars. I was so excited. Until I realized the major FAIL I had committed. 

My camera was still on selfie mode!

Yes, my fantastic photos of the stars – within an arm’s reach – turned out to be pictures of my shoulder and hair. Just look:

Can you believe it?

I did get one decent photo of Anne Hathaway. (This photo was actually taken about an hour before the selfie disaster 😉 )

Lesson learned for all you Smart Mamas, take your phone OFF OF SELFIE MODE when trying to be part of the paparazzi! 

What’s your selfie fail story?




  1. Kimberly 11 April, 2014 at 01:28 Reply

    Wow!!!!! I can only imagine. Well one good thing came out of it. You were able to document lunch with a great friend. 🙂 That alone was priceless.

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