Plans for the weekend…

Hi Smart Mamas!

I’m sure you are all as happy as I am that it’s Friday!!! We have a pretty casual weekend planned. We have TONS of housework – clean out the garage, plant flowers, reorganize the guest room… – and we hope to have time to attend the South Miami Rotary Arts Festival. It’s a great little festival that has a lot of what you would see at other festivals, like the Coconut Grove one we went to last week, BUT it’s FREE! That’s my favorite part!

Another pretty HUGE event for the weekend…take down my munchkin’s toddler bed/crib!!!! For nearly a year she has been sleeping in a toddler bed with a twin in the room with her. Occasionally she’ll fall sleep on the twin and even times we’ll put her on the toddler bed at night and find her on the twin in the morning. So, this weekend, for a number of reasons, we’re going to have the toddler bed/crib disappear! My handy husband will take it apart and find a storage spot (another thing to put on the list) to store until the next munchkin needs it!

Wish us luck!


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