Piece of the Week – Mushroom Tray

Piece of the Week – Mushroom Tray

Mushrooms, whole or sliced, typically come in a blue plastic tray. This rectangular bowl/tray doesn’t come with a lid, and isn’t necessarily the sturdiest of plastics, but it can surely be REUSED in a Smart Mama home!

Reuse Idea #1 – defrosting tray
Each evening I take out the next night’s protein out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to defrost. I like the meat to sit in a plate or something, just in case something leaks. For smaller cuts of meat, the mushroom tray is perfect for this. I REUSE the mushroom trays for defrosting!

Reuse #2 – fingerpaint tray
I often get a little adventurous with my munchkin…choosing to do some messier than normal activities! Fingerpainting is a great activity for art expression and shes LOVES it. I REUSE the mushroom tray to hold her fingerpaints when she’s painting. The tray is sturdy enough and can easily be rinsed and cleaned.

Do you REUSE mushroom trays? How so?


Piece of the Week provides SmartyPantsMama.com readers ideas on how to renew, reuse or recycle.


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