Our Favorite Saturday Nights

I remember the days thinking that I would or could never stay home on a Saturday night. Yep, that has changed. Now, some of our favorite nights are when we stay at home.

Tonight Tom and I will do something that we love to do. Something that keeps the romance going. Something that always makes us smile. We’re cooking together.

When we cook dinner together we have a few rules.

1. We wait for the kids to be asleep. There are various reasons for this. 

2. We work as a team. Typically one is the head chef and the other is the sous chef. Tonight I’m the sous chef.

3. We cook something different, not a recipe we would typically eat during the week.

4. We drink wine. Or in his case some times a beer or a scotch. I drink wine.

5. We have dessert. Not just ice cream. Something really yummy. Something that I don’t know how to make. (We buy the dessert pre-made.)

The menu for tonight? Actually, I don’t know. He said it’s a surprise. I’ll find out when it’s time to cook – which is when I finish writing this post. He headed to Fresh Market while I fed the kids and picked up a bag of treats. We already had an appetizer… sliced fresh mozzarella and sopressata, and I’m on my 2nd glass of wine.

Alrighty, off to the kitchen to cook and enjoy my special night with Tom.



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