Toilet Paper vs Toothpaste
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Toilet Paper vs Toothpaste

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Multitasking Mom

Toilet Paper vs ToothpasteI multi-task. I don’t have time to do otherwise. One of my biggest tasks each day is straightening after the big one goes to school. I make beds (most of the time,) get a load of laundry in, and wipe down her bathroom sink. 

Attack of the Toothpaste

Take a glance at the white bathroom sink that the 6 year old and toddler share, one would think an army of grown men brush their teeth there. Yes, there is that much toothpaste remaining in the sink after they brush their teeth. I don’t get it. Yes, I know I need to possibly reteach them how to brush their teeth, but in the meantime, I include quickly wiping down the sink as part of my morning multitasking routine. 

Toilet Paper to the Rescue

When I wipe down the sink it is typically between one thing and another and I need to do it quick before I forget or don’t have time. My sequence is to grab a few sheets of toilet paper (AngelSoft 2xs Stronger rolls,) lightly dampen them and then wipe and clean the toothpaste goo. The Angel Soft toilet paper is strong enough to handle this task and I’m done fast! Angel Soft with Softshield layers are now stronger than ever to hold up better when wet. 

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