Mother’s Day & Grocery Game Recap

No nominations were given for Munchkin Monday…so instead it’s Weekend Recap!!!

We had a great weekend – as I’m sure many mommies did!

Saturday – We were out of the house by 8:45 and on our way to The Original Pancake House. It’s a yummy restaurant that is extremely OVERPRICED! I was so impressed with my munchkin. We sat her at the high chair, up close to the table. Tom cut up a pancake and she, just like a big girl, used her little plastic fork to feed herself! I was so impressed and proud. That alone could have been my Mother’s Day gift! We spent the rest of the day running other errands.
Mother’s Day Sunday – I received a beautiful bracelet that came with a matching bracelet for my munchkin. We both wore our bracelets and looked adorable! They are beautiful! I actually started the day with coffee in bed, along with the newpapers and the scissors (to cut my coupons!) After showers and such, I printed out my Publix Grocery Game list! I highlighted what we would buy and pulled the coupons. We excitedly headed to Publix. I couldn’t wait to see how much we would save! We pulled up to the cashier with the cart nearly overfull and learned that we saved $70 and only spent $55!!! I couldn’t believe it! Later in the day we had a great lunch with my parents – where my daughter again was such a big girl eating all by herself! We stopped at Winn-Dixie on the way home to buy some meats and other little things that I had printed from the Grocery Game and we ended up spending $50 and saving $49! This is crazy! I am a real Grocery Game addict!!! It is just unreal how much money you can save! I wish losing weight was as easy as this!

Feel free to email or leave a comment if you have any questions on the Grocery Game. You can also visit their website . If you decide to join in on the savings, please put me down as your referral:

Don’t forget to enter your munchkin for chance to be Munchkin Monday! Simply email me a photo, 1st name, birthday, likes and dislikes. Your munchkin will have some 15 minutes of fame as you get to share the posting with friends and family.Email: SmartyPantsMama @ gmail . com


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