Le Baby Hair Gel – Tamed the hairs!

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I honestly laughed when I received the Le Baby Hair Gel as a sample.  I thought, who on earth considers putting hair gel on a little one’s hair?  When I posed this comical question to some mommy friends, they looked at me, with an odd look, explaining that they have been using some sort of gel in their child’s hair (girl and boy) since they were itty bitty.  Could this explain why they children’s hair always looks combed and nice, while Isa’s tends to have a more spastic, frizzy look?  Should I have been using hair gel all his time?  Apparently!  Well, the two mommies, Michelle and Carmen, had big eyes when I took out the Le Baby Hair Gel.  They nearly fought over who got to check it out first!  There were honest, “Wows” and “This is great!” coming from them. Carmen explained that for her daughter’s super curly hair, she currently makes a concoction of her husband’s hair gel with some moisturizer.  Michelle hadn’t had any luck with any product for her son’s spiky hair – she had always been nervous to put an “adult” product in her preschooler’s hair. I was still in shock that I was alone in thinking that baby hair gel is nonsense.

Well, I have turned a new leaf!  Just this morning I brushed Isa’s hair and put it up in her favorite rabo de caballo (pony tail in Spanish.) Her hair looked adorable but with the wonderful Florida humidity I already saw the front part frizzing out.  Guess what I grabbed…?  The Le Baby Hair Gel!  Since it’s fragrance free and ideal for sensitive skin, I thought why not!?  I put a teany weany bit in my hand and used my hands to flatten out her hair.  What a difference!

Before – Nice and FRIZZY!

Can you see the difference ?

If you’re a baby hair gel newcomer, like me, or a more experienced baby hair care mom, please visit the Le Baby Inc. site to learn how and where to purchase the gel.  It retails for $9.95 for a 2oz tube.



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