Don’t Toss the Bananas, It’s My Kitchen Shortcut!
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Don’t Toss the Bananas, It’s My Kitchen Shortcut!

Moms need kitchen shortcuts to save them time and energy. We’ve found a kitchen shortcut – in a way – that has to do with bananas.

Bananas Toss

We love bananas in this house. It might be the favorite fruit with the kids. I buy them regularly. But you know what happens? There is always at least one in the bunch that gets left behind. The banana was as fresh as the others but has slowly turned from bright yellow to a not pretty brown and even black.

When the banana has reached that undesirable look I toss it in the …..

Nope, not the garbage! I toss it is the freezer. I have a large resealable plastic bag in my freezer that becomes the new home to the rotting bananas. I save time by always having bananas ready for all sorts of meals! From pies to shakes, having frozen bananas on hand is a great shortcut in creating some tasty foods!

Frozen Banana Shortcut

How’s this a shortcut? A popular item to bake in our home is Banana Bread. We’ve learned that when we use the frozen overly ripened bananas we have the most delicious bread. On the day of baking – and often just an hour before – I take out 5 or 6 bananas and set them in a small strainer. They defrost in the sink – this is important because the bananas release some water when defrosting so there is no reason to dirty the counter.

ripe bananaThe frozen bananas peel rather easy. You may find it helpful to peel them under running water. 

Keep those frozen bananas handy for a quick treat like banana “ice-cream” or even a banana cream pie. They also work great in smoothies! You’ll save time by having this nutrient-filled fruit stocked up in your freezer!

Pasta Shortcut

Another shortcut has been provided by our favorite brand of pasta. Yes, Mueller’s has eliminated one step in preparing a pot of spaghetti for the family. I no longer need to carefully break the long sticks of uncooked noodles in order to get them to fit in the pot of boiling water. With the Mueller’s Pot-Sized Pasta, all I do is drop in the pasta! No breaking needed! No more little pieces of pasta splattering across the stovetop! Woo Hoo! Every second counts in this home! Excited to have earned several from Mueller’s!Pot Sized Pasta

Share Your Shortcut

Please, please tell me your kitchen shortcut! Actually, head over to the Mueller Facebook Page and enter it! They are hosting a great contest of shortcuts! Vote for your favorite (maybe mine) or another favorite! Just for voting you enter to win one of 6 weekly prizes of $100!


Disclosure: This post was done as part of a compensated partnership with Mueller’s. All opinions and shortcuts are my own! 


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