Keep It Simple, A Mom Must

Life can be so not simple. The challenge is to keep it simple. Last weekend I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit in Key Biscayne, FL. It was a fantastic conference. Quite possibly my favorite to date. I met wonderful women and a few men. Many brands had the opportunity to showcase their latest campaign and innovations. A separate post about the brands to come. However, I must remark about one of my very favorite swag items. This small frame with the message KEEP IT SIMPLE was given by Similac in a gift bag that debuted their latest bottle innovation the SimplySmart bottle. Unsure as what to do with the frame, I perched it on my desk against my printer. I’ve glanced at it many times. I read it and think about it. Keep it simple. Okay. I can do that.

Yesterday was my baby’s 1st birthday. Her older sister had a great party for her’s. We rented out space at a park. Ordered way too much food and grew overly concerned with decorations and party favors. Everyone had a great time, but at the end Tom and I were exhausted and a had a big empty part to our wallet. This time I was going to keep it simple.

I texted invites to a few cousins. I ordered a few pies of pizza. Picked up maybe $30 worth of part necessitates such as a #1 candle, chips, dips and of a course a small ice cream cake. That was it. Everyone arrived after soccer practice. The 6 kids, ages 2-7, plus my little baby nephew and the birthday girl, had a blast coloring, playing in the backyard and the playroom. They devoured their slices of pizza and glass of water. They enthusiastically sang Happy Birthday and the big sister was  super excited to help the birthday girl blow out the candle. It was perfect. It was simple.

Everyone left by 6:30. Clean up time took minutes and kids were bathed and asleep in no time. The gifts of adorable outfits and more were just right. No exhorberant amount of toys that there isn’t the need of nor space to keep. It was a perfect birthday celebration for a most perfect birthday girl.

Keep it simple. It’s important for moms. Do it. Tell me about it. I want to learn how do it.


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