iPhone to Galaxy S3 as an Official Verizon Wireless Ambassador

Remember the first flat screen TV you purchased for your home. You sat there in awe and wondered how you ever watched a movie before. The larger, clearer screen made such a difference.

I’m experiencing the same but this time with my phone. As a Verizon Wireless Blog Ambassador I have been provided with a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S3. From the 1st moment I launched Facebook I had that same feeling I did 6 years ago with our 1st flat screen HD TV. The screen size and image quality is remarkable on the Galaxy S3.

Game Playing Husband

 Angry Birds, Temple Run, Bubble Shoot, and I’m certain a few more, occupy Tom’s time constantly. It drives me bonkers, but I used his fascination with phone games to test out the Samsung Galaxy S3. I handed him the phone and told him to go have fun. He could download whatever FREE game he would like and play. Yes, I got the really? look from him instantly. About an hour later, after hearing the repetitive annoying background music of one of the games, I asked him what he thought. It took about 5 times of trying to get his attention to get him to peel his eyes away from the phone screen. He loved it. The game play was equal in speed as his iPhone 4, but the larger screen made it easier on his eyes and better in his gaming. He didn’t want to return the phone.

Result: Samsung Galaxy S3 better for gaming!

Features Frenzy

As I continue to figure out my new phone, I stumble upon a new cool feature each day. I have a lot to learn. Could you help? What Samsung Galaxy S3 features top your list? How about general Droid features? Will this phone officially convert me from iPhone to Droid? It’s looking that way!

Disclosure: As a Verizon Wireless Blog Ambassador I am compensated via phone and plan for my work. All opinions and experiences are my own.



  1. Jill 24 August, 2012 at 15:55 Reply

    Woohooo! I love my Droid. I’ve never had an iphone so I don’t know if it will make you a convert, but I plan to stick with the Galaxy for as long as they let me. 🙂

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